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Arterial Health International (AHI) is a proactive cardiovascular testing company. Our suite of tests provides primary care physicians with diagnostic techniques and processes that are predictive and highly accurate.

These services are in line with both value-based, cloud enhanced and data analytic healthcare trends. AHI’s services are disrupting cardiovascular disease (CVD) care markets by bringing a patients’ predictive diagnostic expertise to their primary care doctor’s office.

AHI performs a unique 7-test protocol that identifies hidden cardiovascular disease and risk. CVD is the #1 cause of death in the U.S.  We apply analytic tools to improve the diagnosis of CVD, along with external data sources, into actionable insights.

The AHI protocol improves the quality of healthcare while providing a new revenue stream approved for reimbursement to primary care physicians.    

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The Arterial Health Clinical Test Protocol (AHCTP) combines established clinical vascular ultrasound testing procedures with the latest technology in cardiovascular diagnostics including :

  • Endothelial Function testing

  • Central Arterial Pressure Waveform

  • Analysis & Measuring Arterial Stiffness

  • Echo Cardiogram

  • Advanced ultrasound imaging: Carotid artery, abdominal arteries and lower level extremity arteries.

  • Advanced Blood Screening
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Sample Report